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Our Solution

Tunibelle needed a better online presence, UX and UI design and a much improved user journey. Her customers complained about losing themselves on her previous website and not being able to easily navigate and purchase her products. By closely working with Denise, we understood her brand and vision and helped her market her business within the ecommerce world.

A clear, and easy navigation for her customers was at the forefront of our design, with a distinct categorization of her products. The next step was showing Tunibelle’s online audience how the clothes would look like in a real life scenario. Therefore, we included personalized shop the look sections, and a quick overview of the most wanted products of each collection.

Our combined efforts resulted in a website reflective of Denise’s concept store, but most importantly reflective of her passion to satisfy her clients with beautiful chic and comfortable holiday looks from Austria’s capital city, Vienna.

Client Review

“I am really impressed by the quality of the work the Thrive team delivered. 

I loved the communication throughout our partnership, how they interpreted my brand and vision and fulfilled my desires and wishes for my website.

I was scared I wouldn’t be able to provide the team with what was needed from me, but they made the project so easy and effortless for me, guiding me during all of the process and making my life easy. I love how they understood my needs and my brand, took the good that I had and made it even better. 

The feedback and inputs were always quick and competent. I highly recommend working with them. 

Thank you for this amazing journey.”


-Denise Brezovich, Tunibelle Owner & Founder