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Covid-proof your business with our Covid survival kit

Posted by Martin Barnsley on
Covid-proof your business with our Covid survival kit - Thrive-Ecommerce

Covid-proof your business with our Covid survival kit

The common wisdom is this: we’ll see a second wave of Covid-19 before the pandemic ends, and that will come with further lockdowns. At Thrive, we can give you everything you’ll need to survive: a complete ecommerce solution to drive your digital presence through the roof. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re already online or not – we can upgrade your existing arrangements, or start afresh, making sure you not only have the tools you need, but a solid understanding of how to use them.

Ecommerce websites

Our purpose-built websites are professionally designed to let brands Thrive online. Each one is built by experienced web designers and integrated with an ecommerce platform that’s right for your business. They let you manage your entire business from home, managing inventories and setting prices with the click of a button, and feature a selection of secure online payment gateways to ensure that your revenues are protected.

Social media set up

Our social media set up will leverage the world’s most disruptive form of communication and put it in service to your business. The most important conversations in the world are happening online. People get their news and opinions from websites like Facebook and Twitter, and they also look to these sites for “social proof” – one of the most powerful marketing tools available today.

“Social proof” is when your customers interact with your brand online, leaving reviews and posting about their experience. Other users see this activity, and gain access to an objective (and therefore trustworthy) insight into what it’s like to be your customer. We can help you gain control over this phenomenon, eliminating the negative and magnifying the positive, making sure that the conversations about your business reflect its best side.

Social media is also a powerful way to engage new users, promote your brand, and communicate with customers. Once you master the basics, you will find yourself in possession of a powerful – and completely free – media channel.

Email marketing 

Email marketing has been around for decades. And there’s a reason for its longevity: it’s incredibly effective. Compared to traditional marketing channels, email lets you reach more customers at a fraction of the cost. It’s better targeted, easy to track, and a great way to drive sales and engagement. And, perhaps best of all, it gives you a risk-free way to create lucrative long-term customer relationships with people you might never meet in person.

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