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DebonAir Pro

DebonAir Pro distribute cutting edge air purification technology into the UK market. Thrive were selected as a partner to help and support them launch their new products. This technology neutralises 97% of viruses and particles in the air, creating many health benefits for many people across the nation. Taking this product and the company’s vision, Thrive did what it does best - bring it all to life. Ironically, DebonAir needed a “breath of fresh air” to reach the next level: a logo, brand identity, and a fully integrated Shopify site, that reflected its technological advancement. Thrive delivered it all.

Dream Believe Thrive

Our Solution

Creating a strong brand and logo reflecting DebonAir's vision was our first exciting task. Working collaboratively together, we custom-built a number of pages, giving DebonAir 100% control over the look and feel of their site, and used drop-down menus to let users navigate the complex information behind air science as simply as possible.

Finally, we crafted the simplest and most intuitive user-journey possible, making product selection and purchasing quick and easy. DebonAir loved the site as did their supplier, who have decided to use it as a global benchmark for how they want distributers to market their products.

“Super impressed with the service we have received. Thrive have achieved more than we could have ever imagined with our website."
- Stuart Lanyon, Director of DebonAir

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