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Janine Gillingham has spent many years working as a craniosacral & bioresonance therapist, helping both humans and animals achieve better health. Having a passion for alternative medicine and doing things naturally, Janine wanted to find a way to help horses in between their treatment sessions. So she invented salt licks and drops that deal with many daily ailments.

With a great idea and product Janine turned to Thrive to bring her dream alive, a brand and online presence that reflected the fantastic product that she had come up with and the passion for helping the beautiful animals that she loved. 

Dream. Believe. Thrive



Our Solution 

We spent time with our client to understand the business and the scientific medicine that the product was born from. It was our job to take that knowledge and represent the business in a simple, clean modern way.  The result was a clean, simple, user experience with a functional and professional finish.

" Thrive helped make my vision come alive. I'm so happy with how my website looks "

- Janine Gillingham